Q: When can I buy it?
A: No definite date as of yet.

Q: How much will it cost?
A: $29.99

Q: Where can I buy it?
A: Right now on our website, but we are currently working on other outlets.

Q: Is this game family friendly?
A: No. This is an adult card game with adult themes.

Q: Will there be expansion packs?
A: Yes! Already in the works!

Q: How long does it take to play?
A: That depends on you. There is the option of a 30 minute time limit in which the person holding the most cards is the loser, Or you can play until a player collects 13 cards and becomes the loser.

Q: Is it like “Cards Against Humanity”?
A: No, but it will appeal to the same audience.

Q: Will there be repeat cards in the expansion packs?
A: No, but some may be similar.

Q: Is this a drinking game?
A: No, but it can be more fun!

Q: Are the rules simple?
A: Very simple. 8 rules in total. Just read the question and pick the player that you feel best fits as the answer. 

 Click HERE to read the RULES